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RAD Full Server Setup

From 11.99 USD

    M3U playlist url (for kodi, vlc, progtv, perfect player, smart iptv, etc)
    MAC Address (MAG, Dreamlink, BuzzTV, Formuler, Avov, etc)

  • Supported MAC Addresses start with 00:1A:79. For example: 00:1A:79:0E:4A:1F

  • Please give us the name and model of the device and the app you use to watch it to better serve you.

  • What's your Username and/or MAC Address if you are Renewing your subscription with TV Service Club?

About RAD Full Server Setup

RAD Full Server Channel List: CLICK HERE

Updated on June 24 2018

24/7 Channels ( 126 )
WORLD CUP/Sports Corner ( 61 )
UK Entertainment ( 114 )
UK + 1 Channels ( 44 )
BBC Regional Channels ( 21 )
UK Documentaries ( 25 )
UK Movies ( 44 )
UK Kids ( 23 )
UK Music ( 29 )
UK News ( 18 )
UK Sly Sports ( 49 )
UK BT Sport ( 20 )
UK Other Sports ( 42 )
Premier League ( 9 )
Irish Channels ( 16 )
US/CA Entertainment ( 244 )
US/CA +1 Channels ( 23 )
US/CA Documentaries ( 35 )
US/CA Movies ( 57 )
US/CA Kids ( 33 )
US/CA Music ( 17 )
US/CA News ( 45 )
US/CA Sports ( 154 )
MLB LIVE ( 18 )
NBA Pass ( 12 )
NFL LIVE ( 20 )
NHL Center Ice ( 15 )
CA French ( 59 )
Australia / NZ Channels ( 45 )
International Entertainment ( 277 )
International Sports ( 97 )
Asian Channels ( 52 )
Radio Stations ( 1 )

Purchase RAD Full Server Setup. FULL Hosting Plan includes both the Entertainment and Sports packages. This service allows only 1 device and 1 simultaneous connection. Multiroom (If purchased) are not to be shared by different households. They must come from the same IP address. Any abuse will be result in subscription being banned without refunds. NO VPN is allowed without authorization. Only public VPNs and no PRIVATE VPN is allowed. Create a Support Request if you really need to use it with your IP Address without using a VPN and after watching some channels from different VPN locations (such as US, UK, Canada, etc) so that we can verify it's a public VPNExcept for Platinum (Vader Streams), all other providers only support the use of either MAC Address OR M3u Url Playlist at a time. You cannot use both types of subscription at the same time.

MAC Address based subscription supports any Set-Top-Box(STB) that has a MAC Address starting with 00:1A:79, including STB Emu on an android box, Dreamlink, MAG, Avov, BuzzTV, etc.

M3U8/KODI based subscription come with a Username and password and supports Kodi, Enigma, VLC, PerfectPlayer, SmartTV, SmartPhone, Roku, etc.

Hardware: MAG 254,MAG 255,MAG 254w1,MAG 254w2,MAG 256,MAG 322,MAG 323,MAG 324,MAG 325,AVOV,DREAMLINK,BUZZTV, Android Boxes, Kodi, ROKU, Enigma, SmartTV (Smart IPTV or Smart STB App), Smartphones (Android and iOS), AppleTV, Windows, and MAC OS.
Software: STBEmu, Perfect Player, VLC, ProgTV, Smart IPTV, Smart STB.

Business Hours - Monday to Saturday - 9:30AM to 9:30PM (PST)

Account setups are usually quick but PLEASE wait at least 12 to 24 hours before you follow up regarding your order.

(Weekend availability will be limited and account setups can take longer than usual)

About Us

We only offer the industry leading and the most reliable providers so that you can have a peace of mind when signing up for our professional server setup services.

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc... ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. NO REFUNDS ON PURCHASES! All sales are final.  


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