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Vader Streams How to Install Roku App (Sideload)

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This the best way to avoid the ROKU APP channel disappear or the annoying "Out of Service" message in your Roku device. 

1.- Roku device connected to your LAN (wired or wireless).
2.- Microsoft Windows in a PC, Notebook or Virtualized Machine connected in the same Roku's LAN.

Follow these steps carefully

Step 1.
First, we must make sure that the developer mode is enabled on the ROKU player. To enable developer mode, press the following combination of keys on your ROKU remote control: Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Step 2.
Write down the IP Address and User name on your screen. The "Developer Settings" screen will appear. Select "Enable installer and restart" and press "OK". The password selection screen appears, type the password "1240" (without the quotes) using the on-screen keyboard, then select "Set password and reboot". The ROKU player will reboot with developer mode enabled.

Step 3.
Go to your PC and open the browser and type the IP address you wrote down earlier. Log in using the log in credentials you wrote down. Download and save the "roku_Vaders_3.21.18.zip" (DOWNLOAD)

Step 4.
Click upload and choose the zip file you downloaded, then click install. 

Step 5.
Login and Enjoy!

*If you did not do the following step after installing the app you will get that FBI message. You need to go back into the Dev mode and change your password. Also once you complete the steps be sure to do this:

           - Return to the Developer screen by doing Home three times, then Up two times, then Right once, then Left once, then Right once, then Left once, then Right once.

           - In addition, click on Reset Password, and choose your own 5 digit password but do not use 12345. It is very important that you do not disable installer. This worked for me and has been up Since end of Nov.


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How many times can you try to install this on a TCL roku TV, We tried last night, and thought it worked, but then could not find the icon on the tv....so we are trying it again, and when we go through the steps of home x3   up 2x...etc... it does not display anything, it stays on the home page....the developer screen does not come up....soooooo. help....please.....also we restarted the tv....unhooked the cable box, and nothing

Thank you,



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