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Vaders VOD Kodi Integration Guide

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Welcome to the Vaders Integration Guide


So first we are going to need the vaders addon.

Click on the settings gear in kodi. 5CKgf7Q.png

After going to settings head over to file manager and click on add source.

You should now have a window that looks like this



Now fill it out with the details in the below picture and press ok.



Now head back to the kodi home and click on addons and than click on this icongmkknPi.png


Press install from zip file.

It may say need to enable unknown sources.


To continue click settings

and click on this slider so its on the right R9TFIw0.png

Once it looks like this: 

You can now go back to addons press on the icon from earlier and click "Install from zip file"


You should now have a gui that is like this https://i.imgur.com/9THzpDk.png and press on vaderstv or whatever you named the repo earlier.


Now press repository.vaders-streams.tv/repo


and then click the repository.vaders-streams.tv-1.0.3.zip(or whatever the current version is)

That will install the vaders repo so you can now get the addon.

Next press Install from repository then head to the vaders.tv add-ons section.

Now click on video add-ons and then press "Vader Streams" and install.

It will take a bit to grab the dependencies so just wait a bit for them all to download.

After that has finished go to addons on kodi home and right click or longpress vaders addon then press on settings.

Fill in your login info firstly then after  click on VOD settings and enable the two options


Once that is done press Ok and wait for the vod updater to do its job.

It will take a second to grab the info for all the movies & tvshows on vaders vod.

Once it has finished updating the vod you'll need to restart kodi for changes to take effect.

You should now be able to go to the movies section and press enter files and you'll see vaders movies and vaders tv gZj0eOf.png

Press rightclick or longpress vader movies and you should see this LQUw8m7.png

Press set content so that you link movies section with vaders movies.

A dialog will popup. In "this directory contains" choose movies for the movie section and after thats done do the same for tv except chose tv shows.

After doing that it will ask to refresh the path just press yes and wait a nice while for it to download all the metadata for everything.

AFter it has grabbed all the info from tvdb and moviedb you should be set with a nice kodi integration setup with vaders movies and shows :)

It should look something like this depending on your kodi theme.


Links: http://vaders.tv/repo


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this works great thanks for the guide! 

i was able to customize which ones would get integrated by going to File Manager and navigating to the Vaders Add-On Data / Movie & TV Show folders, and copying over only the ones i wanted to new folders before the Set Content step (doing Set Content to the new folder instead)
This sped up the import process greatly and left me with a personalized version of the kodi-integrated VOD library. Pretty sweet.

Step by step:
After Syncing VODs in Vaders Add-on & Restarting step from this guide, hit Edit Source instead of Set Content in the context menu to find the paths
(sorry i'm not at device to specify the path and skip that step)

in (Settings->) File Manager, on the right side create new folder(s) (i put them in a sub-folder along with my download & recording folders). Name it (i.e. Movies On-Demand / TV On-Demand) [note the path since you'll add it to Videos later]

and on the left (other) side, navigate to the Vaders Add-On Data / Movie & TV show paths from earlier, mass select the movies or tv shows you wish to import (you could also Select All and remove the ones you dont want if you're less picky than me).

from the context menu select Copy to send them over to your new folder(s)

exit the File Manager and go to your Video Library (where Vader movies & Vader tvshows first show up after sync, last screenshot in the guide) and click "Add videos..." to find & add your new folders you just created

now that your Custom folders are there alongside Vader movies & Vader tvshows, select Set Content on them instead.

The TVDB & TMDBs will update and it will be quite a bit faster than doing the whole thing, depending on how much you selected, and then boom your library's filled with instant access movies & TV on demand!

Obviously has to be repeated whenever you want new VODs from Vader movies & Vader tvshows folders (Vader will keep syncing them to those folders to keep you up to date so all you have to do is scan their Recently Added section in the add-on to see if there's anything you wanna grab and then repeat the Copy process for the ones you want).

+I always do Clean Library in kodi after the Set Content process. Seems to work better that way

I probably didn't have to write this long of a guide for something as simple as copying links between folders but oh well lol I'm bored and thought it might be helpful to someone out there! Still learning the ins-and-outs of kodi myself. this is much easier than the amount of text i wrote makes it look at first glance i promise!


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Posted (edited)

couple more things for creating the custom folders (wasnt fast enough to edit):

the Path for Vader VODs after sync, in File Manager is just Profile directory / addon_data / plugin.video.VADER /  (movies + tvshows folders in here)

you may need to Add Source on the right side and Browse to a location in local storage, for your new Copy folder, in order to find the folder in the Add Videos... step

I mass selected by single clicking with a plugged in mouse (android box), not sure how to do it on a remote if possible other than Select All. hopefully theres still a way to not have to do it 1 by 1 if you dont have a mouse

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